Bila-bila datanglah segera rindu dia aku dirindunya…

Do you know what did Shakespear wrote as the last line in the fifth chapter of King Lear? At that time, King Lear died. Well, surprisingly he just wrote – “He died”. For a character that suppose to be the main character, Shakespear decided to write “He died”. No glorification, no long-winding sentences. Just “He died”.

Well, what is my point here? Uhuks. Nothing. I was thinking about sumthing. Since it has become a drama for the past few days, I just hope it ends there after my unneeded-long-winding explanation.Don’t take it wrongly. I don’t bare grudges. And I don’t hate people. I’ll take everything as a part of lessons life thought me. I wish to live positively. My memories of Cosmopoint are full of good and happy memories no matter how bad things turn out to be. My point here is, I wish to remember Cosmopoint as a good part of my life. I wish to have a nice and humble “He dies” for the memories of Cosmopint. My explanations only to make it clear about how I felt. And I don’t want to remember the bad vibes. So please understand. I have moved on.

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