Kuucapkan selamat tinggal tuk selamanyaaa….

Dramatik! Life as Munira Anuar is nothing but drama..
Each time…
All the time…
Usually, its not me.. But those other people around me.
But when I am the one whose responsible, errr…… *kaboom!!*

Tapi.. I like drama sumtime..
It just means that i’m alive!!!
I have frens…
I have somebody around me
And I’m not alone..
So, thank god for the drama!

My promise to dear Didi and dear Mr R is actually really hard to do lah dearests..
But since wut both of you said is actually correct, so, I hafta do it
By hook or by crook
Let go
Ferget it
Dont even try to think about it
And actually ferget the whole thing
Slowly but gradually… LEAVE….

Hmmm….. *garu2 dahi*


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