Me Being Uncertain

Wuts up you guys?

Well.. well.. I’m back with a few thoughts :D

Here I am sitting on my chair 1 o’clock in the morning.

I kept receiving compliments telling me how easily i made friends.

Truthfully, I do have a lot but I only kept a few closer.

Being a good friend isn’t actually as easy as I always chants to my friends.

I’m not a good friend.

I can name quite a number of people who despised me (and that includes the pretenders):P

Enough on that..Today, I got a very very mysterious case of flatering words

Well, I got a catchy “phrase” from mi amigo.

Tell me dear, is dat a joke or a statement of flaterry coz I’m trying very hard not to laugh!

And.. exactly wut were you thinking? Coz I just don’t give a damn… And stop telling me things that is confusing! *roll eyes*

Today, is definitely not a very good day… I don’t know why.. (i know but..)

Hopefully, tomorrow might be a better day!



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