Pink Bandage

Drama of the week:

Drama 1:
Me : Errr.. sorry.. lambat..
Mi : …..
Me : Sorry laa……
Mi : …..
Me : (-_+)”

Drama 2:
Barb : B ader mix ker?
B : Ader…
Barb : Eh, samer lah kiter…
Me : Bwahahahahaha!!! *guling2*
B : Mix aper ek?
Ika : Mix Jawa!
Me : Bwahahahaha!!! *guling2*

Drama 3:
(Me boss standing behind)
Me : Err…..
Boss: Mun, jangan lah takot..
Me : Arr!!!!!
Boss: Bwahahahah!!!
Me : (-_-)”

Drama 4:
Doc : Hmm…
Me : Ahahaha!!!
Doc : You look fine and happy.. so… why do you want to see me?
Me : I’m in love with u?
Doc : Haa?
Me : Aiyoh! Me leg remember?
Doc : Owhh…. oke! Lets go!
Me : Haaa? Be gentle doctor!
Doc : Haha.. you are a very brave girl do you know dat?
Me : Yeah! Tell me sumthing I dont know.. *ahahah*

30 minutes later…

Doc : Ok munira.. Wut is ur favourite colour? Pink or blue?
Me : Blue is fine with me.
Doc : Erm… no.. no.. I think its pink *wink*
Me : Err…
Doc : Here goes the pretty pink bandage..
Me : Awww… *blush*

Note : Omak aihh!! Giler suker dengan pink bandage neh! Terase nak guling2!

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