Me Being Better

Ahhh… me feeling better already..

Put all the keletihan aside.. Me mendapati reciting the Koran simply makes you feel better. As in betoi2 punya! Tak tipu!

Hmm.. me should tell me pacar to do so.

By the way.. how is me pacar doing?

Miss him. Walaupon baru hari Ahad berjumpa.

Owh! The kerinduan! *drama queen*

Dear.. lets meet tomorrow? What say you?


Tetibe macam nak sangat main bowling dgn me pacar…

Ahahahha… Whut the fish!

Lets tell him dat! :D

Dah plan dah dalam me otak!

First nak pegi beli jeruk buah kat Giant sambil survey Happy!

Second nak makan pizza!

Third nak makan belut kat Sushi King!

Fourth nak main bowling!

Fifth nak tgk wayang!

Eeeee… *giddy*

Owh2! Then nak pi makan Pizza!

Asal macam happy sangat neh?

Tapi, since me pacar in a sad *mode*

Me try to make him happy…

Lets go out and have fun!

That will be the first thing I will tell him today!


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