Me Being Hollow Coz’ Tine

*Diary mode*

Dear diary,

I’m awake in the middle of the night. Suddenly, my thoughts were about one thing dat I have just read. It is something that I have believed in so far. It seems that I have forgotten about it until this moment. And still, although it is not happening to me, I still believe it as a very HARD FACT. Sadly, I dont have that kind of situation. I guess I have to be ready to pull myself away when the time comes. Because, the signs are too obvious to be ignored. Maybe I’m just being paranoid or maybe it is just a feeling or maybe I just don’t feel anything. My thoughts sometimes can be incorrect. But usually, when I’m in a silent mode, when I kept my thoughts in the dark, it means it will happen. My hunch sometimes can be very accurate. My “psychic” ability can be eerily strong.

We’ll see, lets meet again when my ‘dark’ thoughts come to reality.

Until then, I will take extra measures.

Yours truly,
Munira Noir

p/s: I have another hunch. We are going to meet again… Soon enough…

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