me being drama & kontroversi

Lipas : Gok (namer timangan) kalau aku propose kat ko macam maner?
Gonggok : Erm…

To let sumbody know dat you love them.

This use to be easy for me. Now it feels weird.

Somebody told me :
1. Dont let them have the advantage of ‘knowing’… They will use it against you….
2. Be hard on yourself, otherwise you will not going to be tough.
3. Dont let them see that they can have you and hurt you.. stand up for yourself.. dont just wilt and die.
4. Dont put your hopes on people they will let you down… Give your hope to God.. He will never let you down..

I know all this. I thot I already doing it.

I have been asking god for 3 things.

It have been tough for me. But I’m okay.

Hopefully everything will be going fine.

There is one thing that I need to do. I’m waiting for the right moment.

But I guess, it is not that important now.

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