me being gokusen

Being nice and warm sometimes can be very misleading….
Sometimes, we tried our very best to be kind and helpful and understanding….
But people.. Humans are really humans..
They don’t know how to appreciate.

I have met a lot of people…
The I’m-lonely-and-dont-find-frens
The My-Dear-Tormented-Me
The Everybody-is-not-right-except-me
The Nobody-understands-me

I believe, how they able to straighten themselves out,
depends on the people they meet who are willing to give them their trust..
If they can get people whom they can trust..
They have no problems on getting along with their life…

Believe me. I have been all of the above..
Believe me. Friends are IMPORTANT!
Dont be such an arrogant idiot by saying “I dont need friends”
You must be a total Loser..
Find a good friend.. they will help you to grow
Dont look for A BESTFRIEND
Find a whole bunch of bestfrens
Believe me, the world will be a better place :D

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