munira being sored, twisted, painfully beaten and damningly tired

Alamak.. Its been years since my last entry (okay2 not years… maybe couple of months)
Hadoi2.. duit punyer pasal… Bekerja keras mcm there is no tomorrow… Saket2 Batuk2 *cough2* Haih.. Ngap2…
Balik umah pon like exactly melabuhkan bontot dan tido.. For the past 3 months its been like –> Balik –> Tido –> Bangun –> Mandi –> Pegi Keje.
Haa? Aper? Tgk wayang? The last time I check… dalam 3 kali tgk wayang… 2 kali tido. Dalam 3 kali tgk wayang 2 kali akceli tgk citer yg samer for the sake of ter-miss maser tgk first time… Yet.. I still dont know how on earth did they get into the desert… tetibe jer –> Runn… and never look back!! (+_+)” This is the first time gue akceli tido dalam wayang.

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  • January 1, 2009

    (¯`·._.·[ Muni®a ]·._.·´¯)

    try2 test

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