Aku dan Diriku

Aku dan Diriku

Aku sebenarnyer dalam 2-3 harineh aku merasakan aku seperti orang yg asing. Aku sendiri tak kenal. Pelik ayat neh.

Aku meraserkan aku sgt occupied dgn sangat byk benda sampai aku sendiri pon mengabaikan diri aku sendiri.

Ape yang aku sangat occupiedkan?

Ntah.. It seems like hari2 ader ajer bende yang aku sibukan.

Sedey pulak aku neh..

Aku raser dalam nak mengarturcara kehidupan aku.. Aku fail big time!

So how now brown cow?


Okay2 I know how [this advice is for me yang pemalas]:

  • Get yourself a calendar, and paste it up on a frequently-seen place. If you can’t buy one, print one out. Make sure you can write things into it, too, so you can know when to do things.
  • Learn memorization methods. It can cut time, and give better results, if you use more than one strategy to memorize something. Example: In certain schools, there is a tradition called Declamation. You memorize something, and recite it. Most people only read it and say it over and over, an agonizing process. But there are other ways to memorize things…
  • Learn to love work. Work is much easier and faster when you like working. And don’t fall asleep at work! You’ll never get anything done if you fall asleep at work. For school, it’s generally the same thing. But if you have a teacher that likes to give all the written work in homework form [HW], then take notes during the class, and use those to do the HW.
  • Stop procrastinating! Procrastination only piles up work. Do it now, so you can do it in moderation.
  • Avoid being late to work

Baru aku tahu yang aku neh teruk orangnyer…

Haih! Damn!

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