How to Deal?

How to Deal?

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Haih! Kadang2 aderlah seorang hamba Allah yang akceli sangat annoying.
Annoying cemaner tuh? Annoying sebab semua bende pon dier nak credit eventho itu kerja orang lain. Huhu. Memang wajar disepak terajang. Sebu gue pk!

Oleh yang sedemikian, aku mencari2 dalam internet utk cara2 menangani umat2 yang sedemikian ruper:

Take the high road by resolving to do the right thing. When possible, speak in person and avoid trying to resolve the matter through email. If you must, talk in person first, then follow up with an email.

Allow time and distance between you and the coworker. Time away from the situation can help change perspectives about the issue.

Treat the situation like a rumor on the gossip mill. Ignore gossip to dissipate it. Confront your colleague face-to-face, see eHow related article, “How to Handle Defensive Colleagues.”

Meet with your boss and the offending coworker. Bring everything out in the open. Clear the air and vindicate your name.

Move on to a new job, as a last resort only. Depending on the circumstances, dealing with a frustrating coworker might not be worth the trouble.

On another happier note:

Aku telah membeli kain yang sangat lawa..
Tapi bapak mahalnyer.. Huhu…
Kopak lagi bulan neh.. takper2…susah dahulu pendapatan.
And akceli aku sangat happy..sebab worth the buying la kot
Thanx Miss Fafareereezaza di atas pertolongan anda yg telah memberi kesedaran kepada saya ketika mencari kain.

Next on the line yerlah nk mencarik tukang jahit yg berprestige utk kain yg berprestige..
Kalau tersalah jahit maw aku suh tukang jahit pi beli kain tu balik
Tak kire!

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