Few weeks ago :
Doctor : You cannot have anything that have caffeine in it. That includes tea, coffee, chocolate and and dairy products.
Me : Urm….. Baik tuan doktor…
Doctor : Good girl :D
Me : *Shrieeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk*

Well… That’s it. No more chocolate for me for a few weeks. Until my head comes back to its normal condition.

But is there so many chocolate shops everywhere I go??? *SAD*

I miss my hot chocolate and tea treatment every morning :(


Owh well.. Can you see the blue elephant in the picture above? I want one!!!! Can ar?

Can somebody get one for me pwetty pweaseeeeee…. *blink2*

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  • August 19, 2009


    elePHPant!!!~ i got one.. but not really elePHPant la.. punye edition of elePHPant.. :p

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