Me the bride-to-be

The Bride

The Bride

Me.. the bride-to-be. Just another month for the big day.

I’m excited, stressed out and gelabah for that matter. Haha :P

Me before and after the big day might be a very different person altogether.

Hopefully everything will work out fine.

Uhuks! Nak batok!

I’m stressed out just thinking about it. Terase kahak nak terkeluar.

Excited as well..(thinking just how pretty can i be? miahahaha :P)

Terase rindu plak kat Tiara Kelana lepas nih. Dah 3 tahun duduk kat tempat yang samer. Hahahaha. Poyo!

Ever imagine me becoming a wife???

Or becoming a mother???


Adakah gue akan menangis teresak2 di hari pernikahan?

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