The End Is The Beginning Is The End

Since 2009 has come to an end..

Lets do some reminiscing-of-the-past thingy :D

This year marks the end of 2 big things in my life

1. Working at my first office as a programmer

Lavarian at Krabi

Lavarian @ Krabi

I always thought, working in my last company has always been a blast. Sadly, towards the end more and more things made me unhappy. That’s when I decided to move on.

2. Being a glorified bachelor.. Haha!

On A Bike

Feh.. macho tak hengatt..
Erm…. my favourite past time would be watching movies. Wooo…. Wicked (well.. sort of…)

And.. of course the beginning of new things:

1. Working in a new place
Although I’m being transfered to a new location alone. But eventually I gain quite a lot of new friends.. Which is cool! New cool infos! New cool people! I’m happy.. well.. sort of… hehehe :D:D

2. Becoming somebody’s girlfriend turned fiance turned wife
To find a boifren in about a year before is quiet unbelievable…

Me & Partner

to become engaged is sensational..


to get married is out of this world!!


fyuh! That is what I called destiny. Hehe :D

Owh well.. I guess these are all my accomplishments..

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  • December 30, 2009


    uih… Baru tengok pic hanpa berdua.
    Moga dimurahkan rezeki, dipanjangkan jodoh… Cepat2 dapat anak. Amin~

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