Its About Life

Aku taw hidup neh penuh pancaroba

Aku taw life is all about choices

Aku taw aku kene banyak bersabar

And here I am at 3 in the morning… thinking

Dulu ustazah aku ckp –> dont dwell too much into sadness and problems.. life is too good to be wasted

Yer2x aku paham..

Aku pown tak tahu aper masalah yang sebenarnyer

Tapi it keeps coming back these 2-3 days

I.. like so many newly weds out there have too many things to handle

Sedih hati aku mengenangkan those people yang tak faham aper yang tgh aku lalui

They will either look and nod never giving any helping hands or just dont try to understand and giving me problems

Aku tak pernah nak mengharapkan pertolongan.. InsyaAllah.. aku boleh handle

Tapi.. I’m only human..

Even heroes have the rite to bleed

It’s not easy… to be.. me… :(

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  • February 28, 2010


    I hope u and kay can go through hard moments :)

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