The Scorpion King

Alamak.. ader permintaan pulak.. Keh3x … Takper2 since aku tak bz and in a mood for history… aku pown nak story la siket pasal Scorpion King aka King Scorpion.

Interesting facts :

The early kings of Egypt are being called by a single name. Eg.: Bull, Crocodile, Falcon, Catfish (huh??! ikan semilang!!)

Therefore, King Scorpion are one of the earliest king in Egypt dynasti.

Facts on King Scorpion:

1. Since his figure is always with a Scorpion image in front of his face, hence this led to his name –> King Scorpion

2. King Scorpion was known for his white crown, wearing simple skirt and animal’s tail extending from the back of the skirt. (macam gambar kat atas)

3. A warior king since he was the one who unites Upper Egypt and lower Egypt which at the time was full of conflicts and wars.

4. The Scorpion King may have been the pioneers of phoenetic writings in before the first pharoah.

5. A wine cellar have been found in King Scorpion’s tomb in Abidos.

7. The researchers speculates that King Scorpion, Scorpion II (an Egyptian Ruler ) and Narmer aka Catfish (another Egyptian) might be the same person as their images have close resemblance of each other.

8. Aku tak taw plak kalau dier akceli ader affair dengan awek sorcerer muker cam Ciner. Wakakakaka!

9. Here are some interesting videos about the King Scorpion… Not much discovery has been found yet.. the research are still going on :D:D


  • February 17, 2010

    Sham Hardy

    erkkkk.. skali btol-btol ada la pulak..

  • February 17, 2010


    saper suruh mintak.. wakakaka :)) =))

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