Aku keletihan

I dont know if i am a excessive complainer..
But I am totally worn out!
I’ve been toiled, working my ass off for the past few weeks
(need i list down all the work now??)
I really need a break rite now
I’m thinking –> vacation
But it seems hard to get any pity around here
For some weird reason people are not buying
People keep pushing workloads to me
(dont you notice my frail looking puppy eyed face that i’m wearing lately??)
I’m nearly killing myself over here!
I need to do something before i really kill myself
sayang.. i am sad :(


  • March 22, 2010


    U and ur hubby need to get a break once in a while. Why not take a nice vacation :)

  • April 3, 2010


    bercuti/vacation adalah perkara paling best sekali. jgn bawak handphone dan bercuti di kawasan yang jauh dari opis..

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