Pemberian Seikhlas Hati Untuk Ramadhan

Ramadhan will be coming soon you guys! Isnt it great?? It is my favourite time of the year.. Hopefully everybody will be blessed with good health and great pre-raya-vacation mood:D:D

This Ramadhan will be my first with my beloved hubby (love ya hubby!)..

Already i’ve been thinking of what will be our sahur menu.. kui3x.. i just love cooking (eventho tak sedap.. hak ptuih!)

Owh well, this year’s Ramadhan will be marked as our first husband-and-wife produced wordpress plugin has been launch by Mr Kay!

Hehehe… If you guys ever notice in the sidebar on the right… (you hafta scroll down a bit).. you will find our first ‘baby’. The ‘Waktu Berbuka’ plugin.

It is not that big.. but it is out first try.. and hopefully you guys will find it useful. Enjoy!

Dont forget to check out our plugin here!

Happy Ramadhan everyone!!

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  • August 8, 2010



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