Lost Some, Gain Some and We Presevere

Sad to say, we have lost our baby…
Do you know how crushing it feels when you are the one to scoop that tiny incomplete human being with your own hands?
(okay i may sound ultimately dramatic here.. huhu)
Anyway, life must go on..
Even though the sadness is overwhelming
and with the envious gossips and things that happened around me, I’m supposed to be plunged into deep sadness or something
But thanx to my wonderful husband he helped me to get through things
I’m happier now
Today is the end of my ‘berpantang’ thingy
And our first anniversary
Owh, not to forget my dearest ever frens
Fareeza, Nani and Yana
I wonder what did I do to deserve such caring people like you guys
God bless you all!
As for my anniversary, there so many that we have gone through
Just the two of us
Things happen for a reason
Alhamdulillah.. they just made us tougher
Married life changed us to be a better person
Hopefully we will be together forever.. Aminn… :)

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