Me and My New Gadget

For our first anniversary, my beloved hubby give me this :


Mahu nyer tak gembira¬† (>_<) … isk isk isk

My hubby told me –> You have to make a full use of it… (+_+)”

Ok2… This is my first proof.. :D:D

Lately, I’m having such an exhausting hobby.

I love crafting!

Owh….blame it on Martha Stewart’s website. Demit!

Menyusahkan betul hobi ni.

Masuk hari ni, dah 2 kali dalam minggu ni aku melawat kedai hardware.

So… here are the list of what I have done for the past month.

1. The book of love recipe for my beloved hubby for our first anniversary

It took me 3 days to make that rolls. Fyuhhh!

2. Magazine holder

I make use of all the unused boxes laying around my house.

3. Multiple frame hanger

This one I just made right after coming back from the office.

Bought the hooks from the hardware shop for RM2.50.

Pretty cheap for something neat!

Walaupon tader la lawa sesangat…hahahaha

ps: having such a terrible mood swing… thank god my hubby is such a doll


  • November 10, 2010


    yayy! team Android. Hehe~

  • November 10, 2010


    smart android tu :)

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