My New Year’s Resolution

I never had a new year resolution before.  But I think this year I wanna make some major changes.

1. Sharing is caring.

I believe happiness is when everything is shared :D

2. Muslimah

No more “baju singkat2″… Time to get renew wardrobe :D

3.Less complaining

Man… this is tough! Belom aper2.. Gue dah start complaining. Dem!

4.Upgrading my salary

Hehe… yerps… this is a must.. I’m sick and tired looking at my paycheck…. Its time to make some changes

5.Retirement plan and Fallback plan

Its time to think about the future more seriously…. So that I can retire happily.. Not only for me, but for my future children

6.Dapatkan anak kembar 3

erps… okay.. dah start tak masuk akal…ni sumer obat batuknyer pasal…


Oklah dulu… tata


  • January 5, 2011

    Fadli Idris

    I like resolution No. 2 “Muslimah”

    Salam kenal dari Aceh, Indonesia.

  • January 6, 2011


    Azam selepas menjadi isteri… Thanx for dropping by :D:D

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