A New Home

We have gotten ourselves a new place to call home.

If all goes well, in another year and a half, a house somewhere in Puchong, is definitely ours.

A double storey semi-D cluster complete with a small patch of land for me to grow my own garden..


Dry and wet kitchen.

Ample space for living room.

3 bedrooms and a small room which I shall turn it into my study room.

Now I know. God really have some plans for me.

Alhamdulillah…. *sigh*

Next on the list is to build up our own ‘tabung kilat’ for the furnitures, grills and stuff.


We’re very proud of it and it was so worth the struggle, sweat and blood.

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  • March 27, 2011


    hoyeh2…dah nak ada rumah sendiri…bagus2…
    nanti buat house warming jgn lupa invite2 chicken yer…hehe

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