Bye2 Tiara Kelana

Owh..Tak kusangka dah 2 tahun aku tinggal kat kondo neh.. And now I’m leaving for good..

Abang ku Sayang

Kadang2 biler sayang sangat kat orang tuh kiter cepat raser kesian. Yer tak? Hehehe. Akhirnyer dapat jugak my bebucuk pda dier Lega hati gue…..

Me the bride-to-be

Me.. the bride-to-be. Just another month for the big day. I’m excited, stressed out and gelabah for that matter. Haha Me before and after…

me being pms

Owh god.. If this is what I am having right now… Please tell me that it will soon go away.. PMS symptoms * mood…


Few weeks ago :Doctor : You cannot have anything that have caffeine in it. That includes tea, coffee, chocolate and and dairy products.Me :…

The Meaning of Sacrifice

I am bless to have so many people who love me unconditionally.Who are willing to sacrifice unconditionally just for me. For my birthday this…

Tribute to Micheal Jackson

Man In The Mirror I’m Gonna Make A Change,For Once In My LifeIt’s Gonna Feel Real Good,Gonna Make A DifferenceGonna Make It Right ….

Being eating affordably

Apakah yang anda boleh makan ketika anda tengah kering? Woooo…. Megi? Quacker Oat? Muahahahaha!Aku punyer trend salu stock up a lot of food di…