Me Being Ridiculous

1. Last person you chatted with?- Hausmet 2. The last thing eaten?- Mee cintan 3. Last person who went out shoppingwith you?- Kaklong 4….

Me Being In Love

♥THE LIST♥ Current Situation——————” Deadly in Love “ Current Meaningful Lyrics————————–” Engkau lah mimpi ku Kau lah separuh dari hidupku “ Current Feelings—————–Feeling of…

Me Being Fragile

“We talkedTogether sharpening the knifeLike killing partners for a lifeHey we can hide the bodies on the ride home“ Me.. Speechless.. Seriuosly… am I…

Me Being Uncertain

Wuts up you guys? Well.. well.. I’m back with a few thoughts Here I am sitting on my chair 1 o’clock in the morning….

Me Being Conceited Creep

This week is about not to be conceited. I’ve been doing some changes on me self. Some definite critical crucial changes must be done….

Pink Bandage

Drama of the week: Drama 1:Me : Errr.. sorry.. lambat..Mi : …..Me : Sorry laa……Mi : …..Me : (-_+)” Drama 2:Barb : B ader…

Uhuks! *choke*

Ahaaa!I’ve learnt sumthing today!I’m not a very good liar and I’m a complete l***r Menurut perangkaan dahulu kala, adalah lebih baik sekiranya mengelak sebelum…